What is The Hitch Fix?

When looking at our culture today, it is obvious that marriage is undervalued and often broken! Our popular culture paints a picture that celebrates and even applauds dysfunction in the home as the fully accepted norm. We want to see this perception of marriage fixed! This is why Millennials for Marriage decided to create The Hitch Fix. The Hitch Fix helps couples become prepared, equipped, and strengthened for a meaningful and healthy marriage. For those who are dating or engaged, The Hitch Fix will provide the tools you will need to prepare for healthy and long lasting marriage. The Hitch Fix is our go-to resource page that offers you incredible relationship tools, advice that will strengthen your relationship, refresh your heart and keep you both connected. Check out our Podcast, Blog, Seminars, Resources or have us out at your next gathering so that we can help your marriage blossom! Please contact us here to learn more.

The Hitch Fix Podcast