The Hitch Fix Instagram & Facebook Campaign


One of the projects that we have started is our Instagram campaign called The Hitch Fix that focuses on street portraits and interviews that focus on marriage. There is a prevailing view in our culture that believes that marriage is outdated, broken and is no longer relevant. This is why we created The Hitch Fix Instagram campaign. We want to fix the prevailing view of marriage and paint a picture through stories that positions marriage in the best light. We want our Instagram campaign to highlight stories and quotes from real people from all backgrounds that share one common denominator: a belief that Marriage is still relevant, valuable and sacred. We want to engage our culture with stories from those in all stages of relationships – single, dating, cohabitating, nearly or newly married –with a dialogue that focuses on what makes marriage beneficial, beautiful, worth while, and even how faith plays a role in marriage. These are stories of hope! We want to be a voice in our culture that counters the perception that says marriage is outdated and not needed. Our campaign will be engaging, transparent, full of grace and authentic. Click here to join our Instagram page.