Shifting Culture |CHanging Perceptions | Reintroducing dating & Marriage

Our culture today believes that  dating it just to "hook-up" and marriage is outdated but we believe that it is the bedrock to a heathy and thriving society and faith community! Join our network of organizations today as we SHIFT culture, CHANGE perceptions and REINTRODUCE the beauty of dating and marriage in a relevant and authentic way!

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Millennials for Marriage:

Our Mission & Vision

Our Vision is to change the prevailing perception of marriage among the Millennial generation by reintroducing the

importance of marriage in a relevant way that will ultimately strengthen the very fabric of our American society socially, culturally, spiritually and economically. 

Our Mission is to engage the Millennial generation by starting a new conversation that embraces the importance of covenantal marriage. We seek to do this by engaging Millennials through social media and other media outlets, academia, marriage enrichment education and advocacy campaigns. We seek to educate community, religious, academic, and government leaders on Millennials' current perception of marriage and the consequences it will have on the very fabric of our society. We seek to work with other likeminded groups that support marriages through preparation and enrichment.